Frequently Asked Questions


What is the legal name of the community?

Forest Park Master Property Owners Association, Inc.


What type of corporation is Forest Park MPOA?



What is the mailing address of Forest Park MPOA?

Forest Park MPOA

4060 Recreation Lane

Naples, FL  34116


What is the main office number?

(239) 353-3948


Who is the management contact?

We are self-managed with the management office located in the clubhouse.  Our on site property manager is David Korsten LCAM.


What are the office hours?

Office hours are 9AM – 4:30PM Mon-Fri (closed 12-1 for lunch).


How many homes are in Forest Park Community

Forest Park has a total of 318 homes. There are 252 single family homes & 66 villas.


When are HOA (Home Owner Association) Assessments due?

Dues are assessed quarterly on Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1.  Dues are late on the 15th of the month and are subject to $25.00 late fee.


How much are the dues

The quarterly HOA dues assessment is $715.00.  The quarterly 50MB high speed internet fee is $69.00.


Are the dues the same for Single Family Homes and Villa units?



What is included in the HOA dues?

The HOA fees cover maintenance of all common property.

  • Lawn cutting of all property

  • Hedge trimming of all bushes throughout the community

  • Pool maintenance

  • Roads and sidewalks

  • Street lights

  • Clubhouse and parking lot

  • Lake maintenance

  • Lawn sprinkling


Do I have to subscribe to Summit Broadband TV & High Speed Internet?


The dues include basic cable service and 50MB internet service which are both mandatory.  Premium channels, HD and 100MB are optional services which are available with additional cost through Summit Broadband.


Do the Single Family Homes and the Villa’s have the same Association Services?


Since the Villa’s have 2 units within one building structure, the Association provides owners of Villa’s the benefit of Roof Cleaning and Outside Painting.


Are there currently any special assessments?



Are there any anticipated special assessments?

No – Currently there is no planned property maintenance that would require a special assessment.


Are there other things I need to know about living in a villa?


While the dues are currently the same for all properties in Forest Park, there may be additional dues assessed at some time in the future to maintain the reserves for roof cleaning and building painting.

Also, since a villa is only one half of the building, the roof is common to both owners.  If there are issues with the roof, the two villa owners must work out among themselves who will pay what.   You can’t replace ½ of the roof.   The association is not responsible for roof maintenance in the villas since this is not a condominium association.


I purchased my home but would like to rent it out.  Can I do this?

You may rent your property up to 3 times per year.  The minimum rental period is 30 days.  If you rent out your unit, you are responsible for your tenants behavior and you may be fined for their violations.  You must submit a rental application at least 20 days prior to the tenant moving in.  Currently the rental application fee is $250 per rental period up to a 1 year lease.  You may be subject to fines for failure to comply with the rental rules.


I want to purchase a home in Forest Park and would like to know potential closing costs I may incur.

To purchase a home in Forest Park, you must fill out a new owner application form.  The application fee is $250 and will be reviewed by the board with an answer in 15 business days or less.  If there is a need for an expedited processing of the application form, an expedite fee ($250) may be paid in addition to the basic fee to get an answer in 5 business days or less.

Each new homeowner must pay a $2,500 capital contribution to the Forest Park Master Property Owners Association Inc.  This should be paid before closing or may be collected at closing.

It is recommended that each new homeowner request an Estoppel.  The fee is $250 if requested at least 20 days prior to closing.  An expedited Estoppel is available for an additional $250.  The Estoppel will show any outstanding balances the previous homeowner owes the association.  If the buyer elects to close without obtaining an Estoppel and clearing the outstanding balances, the buyer will become responsible for all outstanding charges owed by the previous owner.  Any property violations will also be noted on the Estoppel and if not corrected prior to closing will become the responsibility of the new owner in addition to any unpaid fines for the violations.  Buyers should be aware that the association may place a lien on a property for unpaid dues or fines.  Any buyer who buys property with an existing lien from the association will be responsible for all unpaid dues, fines, interest, collection costs, or legal fees.

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