In Feb 2015, Forest Park Master Property Owners Association entered into a service agreement with Litestream Holdings LLC, to provide certain cable television and internet services to the residents of Forest Park MPOA.  The agreement became effective on September 1, 2015 and is due to expire on August 31, 2025.  The contract requires all homes in Forest Park to subscribe to the basic cable television service.  At the time this contract became effective, the homeowners had an option to subscribe to the high speed internet service or if requested within 90 days of this effective date, they could opt to have another internet service provider at their own cost.  After this decision period, Litestream required all new homeowners to subscribe to the high speed internet, and any existing subscribers could not elect to opt out.

In 2018, Litestream Holdings LLC was sold to Summit Broadband who is currently servicing our original contract.

Homes are provided with basic cable television service, but may subscribe to additional premium services.  The cost of the basic cable service is billed as part of the homeowner association fees by the association, and the premium services are billed by Summit Broadband directly to the homeowner/tenant.  If the home is receiving highspeed internet, it is being billed on the quarterly dues statement as a high speed internet charge.  The homeowner/tenant may opt for additional premium internet services which are billed directly by Summit Broadband to the homeowner/tenant.

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