Frequently Asked Questions
What is the legal name of the community? Forest Park Master Property Owners Association, Inc.
What type of corporation is Forest Park MPOA? Non-profit
What is the mailing address of Forest Park MPOA? Forest Park MPOA
4060 Recreation Lane
Naples, Fl. 34116
What is the main office number? (239) 353-3948
Who is the management contact? We are self-managed by our on-site property manager, Dave Korsten.  The office is in the clubhouse.
What are the office hours? The office hours for walk in assistance are 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:30 M-F.  The office is closed on legally recognized holidays.
How many units are in Forest Park? There are 318 homes; 252 single family homes and 66 villas.
When are HOA (Home Owner Association) Assessments due? Dues are assessed quarterly on Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1.  Dues are late on the 15th of the month and late payments are subject to late fees.
How much are the dues? The quarterly HOA dues assessment is $824.00
Are the dues the same for Single Family Homes and Villa units? Yes
What is included in the HOA dues? The HOA fees cover maintenance of all common property.

  • Lawn cutting and basic landscape maintenance of all property
  • Hedge trimming of all bushes throughout the community
  • Clubhouse pool maintenance
  • Roads and sidewalks
  • Street lights
  • Clubhouse maintenance
  • Clubhouse parking lot
  • Lake maintenance
  • Lawn sprinklers
Do I have to subscribe to Summit Broadband Cable TV & Internet? Yes.  The dues include basic cable service through Summit Broadband our cable provider.  Premium channels are available for additional charges directly from Summit.  The internet is 100Mb through Summit Broadband.
Do the Single Family Homes and the Villa’s have the same Association Services? No.  Since the Villa’s have 2 units within one building structure, the Association provides owners of Villa’s the benefit of Roof Cleaning and Outside Painting.
Are there currently any special assessments? No
Are there any anticipated special assessments? No – Currently there is no planned property maintenance that would require a special assessment
Is there a waiting period before renting my home after I purchase? Yes, new homeowners will not be permitted to rent property for a period of one year after the closing date of the property transfer of ownership.